Thoughts from the author

Firstly, just who is it who has written this book and this blog?

I’m a mother of four grown (and independent) children, a family doctor for too many years to reveal, a musician who never really practiced enough, a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and a teacher and speaker on occasion, when time allows.

Prior to the release of this book, I spent several years with my non-fiction self-help book, Armageddon Medicine, How to Be Your Own Doctor in 2012 and Beyond, holding workshops around the country.  That book is still available for purchase at

As for The Legacy of Job’s Wife, I’ve been thinking about this title for a decade now, and have much more to say than you’ll find in the book.  I hope you’ll take time to explore more, perhaps as you read and questions arise.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider this touching story of love and forgiveness.