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LL (5 Nov 2018)- The legacy of Job’s wife is a fine story, and finely written at that…it is almost as if one is watching the movie…It is very easy to fall in love with Job. 

S1A (13 Nov 2018)- With her heart and soul, the author, Cynthia.J Koelker, has written an outstanding spiritual book which can be used as an inspiration. I never expected such a development from this Bible’s citation about ‘curse God and die.’  It is so far one of the best books I have read in my life. I would recommend people to add this book to their reading list! It is a must!

JA (1 Dec 2018)The Legacy of Job’s Wife is at its core a religious book in Judeo-Christian tradition. It speaks sense to the unlikely belief that an almighty God of love would allow so much suffering in His world. Ultimately, it narrates as well, the diminutiveness of our place in the world God has created. The Legacy of Job’s Wife asks weighty questions on suffering, love and hope as have always plagued mankind…

I would heartily recommend The Legacy of Job’s Wife to families of Judeo-Christian religious bent as it brings to life one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible without really deviating from the original manuscript…The author’s style is pragmatic and efficient as she swiftly narrates a tale spanning decades in only 305 pages…The language of the story is consistently easy and accessible, so that people for whom English is not a first language should have no trouble at all following along…

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Review by Counselor – 5/5 Stars

J. L. Lee (Mental Health Therapist)
The Riddles of God

November 10, 2018

This tender and complex verbal portrait of Job‘s wife could only have been drawn by a woman with Koelker’s vivid artistic sensitivity and personal experience of the joys and sorrows inherent in parenthood. Through prose as poetic as the verses of Ix’ises, Koelker has created a portal to the once idyllic and innocent life of Job‘s wife and family. In so doing, she has provided the world with a rich and thought-provoking context for the narrow view of Job’s wife portrayed simply through her infamous advice to Job to “curse God and die.”

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Review by Recent Widower – 5/5 Stars


November 12, 2018

I read this book after the unexpected loss of my beloved wife. The emptiness Job’s wife suffered as she sat alone in the silence struck a chord with me. I, too, am waiting in the silence for the intense pain to fade. I know how it is to hurt too much to talk with people who can’t really understand.

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Review by RN / Pastor’s Wife – 5/5 Stars

L. Cord (Registered Nurse and Pastor’s Wife)
When bad things happen to good people – could you survive this?

November 7, 2018

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Review by OnlineBookClub – 4/4 Stars (October 2, 2018) “4 out of 4 stars”

Not many have pondered upon this story from such a unique point of view and not much attention has been directed towards the wife of the Biblical character Job, except the usual scorn directed her way. In The Legacy of Job’s Wife, Cynthia Koelker tries to understand her urge to ask Job to curse his God. Koelker crafts a heart-warming Christian fiction story filled with charming romance.  Continue reading “Review by OnlineBookClub – 4/4 Stars”

Review by K.E. – 5/5 Stars – Beautiful and Thoughtfully Written

Kathleen Ekrelok

September 27, 2018

We’ve all learned the story of long-suffering Job, but what about his wife? The Legacy of Job’s Wife: A Story of Love and Forgiveness tells the story from her point of view. Job loved his wife from the time she was born and his love for her was steadfast throughout all of his tribulations. Perhaps unwittingly, this book shows us that the Job of this book loved his wife in the way that God apparently could not.

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