Pronunciation Guide and Characters

While this guide is not necessarily perfect regarding the original names and Bible locations, here’s how, as the author, I pronounce them in my head as I read the story.  Feel free to say them otherwise if you prefer.

Ix’ises, Job’s wife, the name given her by Job, meaning “beautiful eyes” (iks-ISS-iss, rhymes with Ulysses)

Job (jobe, rhymes with lobe)

Jabara, Job’s mother (jah-BAHR-ah)

Rahabal, older sister of Ix’ises (rah-HAHB-el)

Fariah and Sariah, younger twin sisters of Ix’ises (fa-RYE-ah, sa-RYE-ah, rhymes with pariah)

B’nahram, younger brother of Ix’ises (bah-NAHR-umm)

Isram, older brother of Ix’ises (IZZ-rahm)

Hezziah, older brother of Ix’ises (hezz-EYE-ah)

Mama, mother of Ix’ises

Papa, father of Ix’ises

Zhabella, great-aunt and namesake of Ix’ises (zha-BELL-ah)

Eliphaz, elder friend of Job (ELL-ih-fazz)

Bildad, friend of Job (BILL-dad)

Zophar, younger friend of Job (ZO-far, rhymes with shofar)

Uz, home of Ix’ises and Job (ooze, or uhz)

Teman, home of Eliphaz (TEA-mun)

Shuhah, home of Bildad (SHOE-ah)

Naamah, home of Zophar (NAY-ah-mah)